Rainy Ware, quality bathroom fixtures from H.K. Industries

About us

Our Brand Values

Experience a new world of Bath with our website Rainy Ware, a quality bathroom fixtures from H.K. Industries. Quality, technology, design and durability are the brand values that explain our commitment to creating exceptional experiences. We set our standards extremely high to ensure that every time you use our Rainy Ware Bath Accessories, you can feel the difference.

Our extensive range of bathroom faucets, showers and accessories will let you create the bathroom of your dreams. By combining superior technology with a choice of attractive designs, Rainy Ware can provide you with all the elements to enhance your bathing space.

Our Customers

Customer service is and will always be our first priority. At our Rainyware.com website, we try to provide our customers with quality products at the best prices possible. We make all efforts to give our customers a level of service that they will never forget, making them want to come back for more. Our website provide a way for customers to select and buy bath accessories from the comfort of their home, with all the benefits of a physical store.

We provide our customers Towel Racks, Towel Rings, Towel Rods, Soap Dishes, Tumbler Holders, Baskets, Bath Set, Flanges, Gratings, Health Faucets, Hooks, Shelf’s, Showers, Soap Dishes, Toilet Paper Holders, Trays, Waste & Sink Couplings and also Acrylic products.

Rainyware.com is designed to be easy for customers to navigate and find what they want and our sales representatives are there to do the rest. Our sales representatives will help you find the products you need, keep you informed about your order and see to it that you get your order in time.

If you have any questions about an order or even about installing a certain product, please do not hesitate to contact us at 9927166477, 9927066077 or email us at hkrajeev4@gmail.com. Our H.K. Industries office is located in Dwarika, Sai Vihar, Agra Road, Aligarh India. Our work location is at Gokul, R.K. Puram Agra Road, Aligarh India.